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Orthodontics with Invisalign

Invisalign in Montreal

Invisalign is an orthodontic solution that aligns teeth without using braces. All you have to do is wear removable custom-made translucent aligners that look somewhat like the mouthguards worn by athletes, except that they are very discreet.

Available since 1997, Invisalign has proven itself on more than 4 million smiles.

Invisible orthodontics with removable aligners

Each set of Invisalign aligner is built to gradually and gently move your teeth, little by little, every day for 2 weeks. Then you must change to a new set until all your teeth are in their final position as prescribed by your dentist.

Invisalign provides patients with the following benefits:

  • Comfortable: no more metal wires that can hurt you;
  • No food restrictions: since you remove your aligners during meals, you can eat whatever you want;
  • Discreet: aligners being practically invisible, most people won't notice your orthodontic treatment;
  • Easy oral hygiene: after removing your aligners, you can brush and floss as usual;
  • Time saver: with Invisalign, control visits are fewer than if you have braces.

With a cost similar to the one for braces, the choice is obvious!

Orthodontics: braces vs invisalign
with braces
with Invisalign

Why choose us for Invisalign?

  • Our iTero Element digital scanner will capture the contours of your teeth and gum anatomy, producing an extremely accurate 3D digital model in just minutes. The increased accuracy produces Invisalign aligners that are more effective and more comfortable to wear;
  • Having a digital scanner eliminates the goop and gagging of traditional impressions;
  • With a digital impression of your teeth, you get your Invisaligns aligners faster since we do not have to produce a physical model. Also, the digital model is sent electronically to the aligner plant eliminating delays;
  • You can spread the cost of the Invisalign over the treatment period. See our financing options.

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